The Route of the Pasarelas

Pasarelas route in Panticosa

‘Pasarelas’ are routes that pass through gorges or along cliffs on metal walkways. You can find them in several places in Spain such as Alquezar, and there’s now an excellent new route in Panticosa. Pasarelas do not need any technical expertise and are easy walks suitable for all.

The route in Panticosa is not long and only takes around an hour to an hour and a half to do. It’s very pretty with excellent views into the gorge, the surrounding mountains, and down onto the village of Panticosa.

It’s a perfect activity for a short hike on a rest day or for families. The pasarelas route starts very close to Hotel Sabocos where you stay on our Village to Village self guided itinerary in the Valle de Tena.

The Pasarelas – a practical guide

Price: 3€ if bought online in advance, 4€ at the ticket machine at the ski station (cash only)

Minimum age and height: You need to be 8 years old or over, and taller than 130 cm

Dates: 1st April to the end October. High season (mid June – mid Sep) – every day. Low season – weekends only

Times: 10 am until 5:40 pm

Distance: 2.1 km

Ascent: 145 metres

Time: Approx 1 to 1 1/2 hours

Needed: Water, sunhat, hiking shoes (the path is a bit rocky, sandals not suitable)

The route

You need to buy a tickets in advance on the Pasarelas website, or at the ticket machine which is just to the right of the bridge at the ski station in Panticosa. Plesae note that the ticket machine takes cash only. The tickets are timed, and the time is for when you enter the Pasarelas – this is approx. a 15 minute walk from the ski station in the village.

The route starts at the ski station in Panticosa with the footpath starting just behind the lift station building. You walk along a well-marked path for about 15 minutes to the start of the pasarelas. Here, they will check your tickets (phone copy is fine – no need to print) and you enter the pasarelas proper.

The route isn’t long, and goes through a very pretty gorge. You start on the right hand side of the cliffs, and then cross a bridge to the left hand side.

At the end of the route, you climb uphill for 100 metres and reach a signpost with two options to return to Panticosa. The recommended route is to take the left hand path signposted ‘Panticosa (aparcamiento) por el Mirador de O Calve’ and ‘Bunkers’. The route to the right also returns to Panticosa by an easier but less pretty path.

The path climbs quite steeply up to a pair of ‘Linea P’ bunkers. These were built by Franco after the Second World War to defend against an invasion across the Pyrenees by the Allies. There are 8000 bunkers in total across the Pyrenees and here you can see a pair of machine gun nests. You can enter the bunkers which were built to defend the road descending from the Balneario de Panticosa.

After the bunkers, you keep climbing up to the viewpoint or ‘mirador’ of O Calve. Here you can wonderful views down on to the village of Panticosa, the cliffs of the Sierra de Partacua and all of the high mountains surrounding Panticosa. From the viewpoint its all downhill back to the village.

We hope you have a great time if you visit Panticosa and the Pasarelas!

Video and photos of the Pasarelas in Panticosa – a wonderful short hiking route

Pasarelas of Panticosa

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