Pyrenees weather forecast

An accurate weather forecast is essential for planning a walking holiday. In the Pyrenees we use various weather forecasts to give us a good idea of the weather for the week. There are numerous microclimates and we find the weather can be very different in the short distance between the Valle de Tena and Ordesa or even on the east and west side of the Valle de Tena.

Generally we get northerly winds in the Pyrenees – this is perfect for the Spanish side of the range as any rain falls on the French side and Panticosa, Ordesa and Biescas sit in the rain shadow and are usually dry and sunny. A settled week with gentle northerly winds is the perfect (and most common!) forecast.

During the July and August thunder storms can develop late in the afternoon or in the evening. These mainly occur when a southerly wind blows hot moist air up from Spain’s central plains. In summer keep a look out when the forecast is for hot weather combined with winds from the south. You can read more about the weather in our hiking bases in the website.

I find the most accurate Pyrenees forecast to be the snow-forecast website. The site operates through out the year not just the ski season. Although forecasts only cover ski resorts the Panticosa and Formigal forecasts are really useful for the Valle de Tena – there are forecasts for three different altitudes. Also useful are the mountain-forecasts for Peña Telera, Balaitous and Pic du Midi d’Ossau.

For Ordesa weather forecasts you can use the Torla forecast to the left (not bad but a bit general and not mountain specific). Use this forecast in combination with the excellent mountain-forecast site – they have forecasts for Monte Perdido, Taillon and Vigenmale. Plesae bear in mind that these three peaks are all big three thousanders that tend to attract bad weather – the weather in the Ordesa Valley itself will usually be much better (and warmer!)

Snow and avalanche forecasts

For snow forecasts and conditions snow-forecast covers every ski resort in the Spain. We’re out in the mountains several times a week and post snow conditions regularly on our Pyrenees blog.

If you’re venturing off piste or snow shoeing it’s vital to have an accurate avalanche forecast. For the Pyrenees there is an Aragon avalanche forecast and a Catalunyan avalanche forecast.

Refugio Goriz in the Ordesa National Park also has an excellent facebook group and regularly posts updates on snow an weather conditions.

Valle de Tena weather forecast