Pyrenees Flora and Fauna

The Pyrenees are justifiably famous for their wildlife. The birds of prey and wild flowers are spectacular. Take a look at our wild flower, butterfly and birds and fauna galleries for pictures taken on our walks.

Known as the flower garden of Europe, the Pyrenees have a huge variety of flora. In early summer there are fields of orchids and gentians with elder flowered, marsh, black vanilla, woodcock, ladies, butterfly and burnt orchids all common. Insect eating butterworts are frequent and the rare alpine butterwort can be seen in the Ordesa valley. During July and August iris, edelweiss, asphodels, foxgloves, bellflowers, monkshood and some delicate lilies come to the fore, while September has great displays of merendera, sea holly, autumn crocus and acanthus thistles. Our guide Phil is knowledgeable about the flora of the region and will take you to some of the best areas – particularly on the Lakes & Valleys and Discover Ordesa guided walking holidays.

The birds of prey are plentiful with Griffon Vultures and Red Kite seen spiralling on thermals every day. Occasionally we are lucky enough to see the rare Lammergeier and Golden Eagle. The upper Valle de Tena is an excellent place to spot many raptors including goshawks, kestrels, buzzards and short-toed eagles.

Mammals are a bit more elusive but Sarrios (Chamois) are often seen on quieter paths and the re-introduced marmot now thrives in many valleys. More rarely seen but around are wild boar, fox, badgers, stone martins and adders.

For animal lovers the Parque Faunistico only 10 mins from Panticosa is perfect for your rest day. There you can see close- up lynx, deer, wolves, ibex and other Pyrenean species in large enclosures that you can walk through

Our wild flower, butterfly and birds and fauna galleries have pictures taken on our walks.