Getting to Hike Pyrenees

Where are we?

We are based in the Aragonese Pyrenees and the mountains surrounding us are some of the highest and most spectacular in the Spain. There are lots of options to reach the Pyrenees and if you need any advice please drop us an email.

Zaragoza transfers

For our holidays based in the Valle de Tena (Biescas or Sallent) and Ordesa, we provide transfers on Sunday from both Zaragoza airport or the train station.

Zaragoza Airport
We pick up and drop off on Sundays, to meet the Ryan Air flight to/from London Stansted.

The Sunday flight times are as follows:
Depart Stansted 13:50, arrive Zaragoza 17:05

For the return journey:
Depart Zaragoza 17:40, arrive Stansted 18:45

It’s a 1 hour 30-minute transfer to Biescas, a little more to Ordesa.

Zaragoza Delicias Train Station
We pick up at 12:00 midday from Zaragoza train station. Zaragoza has regular direct trains from both Barcelona and Madrid. Trains are roughly every hour and the journey takes 1 hour 30 minutes from either. If you are flying into Madrid/Barcelona on that day and can’t get to Zaragoza by midday, let us know and we may be able to organise a later pick-up time.

Trains that fit well with our transfers are:
Depart Barcelona Sants 10:00 am, arrive Zaragoza Delicias 11:42
or depart Madrid Atocha 10:30 am, arrive Zaragzoa Delicias 11:44

On the return journey, we drop off at the train station at 11:45 am, for the following trains:
Depart Zaragoza Delicias 12:37, arrive Barcelona Sants 14:19
or depart Zaragoza Delicias 12:26, arrive Madrid Atocha 13:45

Sunday transfers are included on all of our guided walking holidays and can be booked separately if you are on one of our self-guided holidays.

Read full information about our transfer times and connecting trains.

Flying from the UK

London Stansted to Zaragoza
From the UK the simplest way to get to Zaragoza is on the Ryan Air flight from London Stansted. There are flights 4 days a week (Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). Our transfers meet the Sunday flights.
Flights start from under £100 and are generally cheaper the earlier you book.

Sunday flight times (other days times differ):

Arrival: Depart Stansted 13:50, arrive Zaragoza 17:05
Return: Depart Zaragoza 17:40, arrive Stansted 18:45
Our airport transfers meet these flight times.

Zaragoza is a great city with lots to see and it’s worth adding an extra night or two in the city to visit the Goya Museum and the Basilica of the Pilar.

Flying to Barcelona/Madrid
If Stansted isn’t convenient for you there are flights from many UK airports to Barcelona and Madrid. The AVE fast train links either of these cities to Zaragoza where we’ll meet you at the train station.

From outside Europe

Barcelona and Madrid are the two biggest international airports in Spain and if you’re arriving from the US, Canada, Australia or other international destinations they are the best airports to fly to.
There are excellent rail links from both Barcelona and Madrid to Zaragoza where we’ll meet you at the train station (see ‘rail links’ to the right.
Alternatively hire a car from Barcelona or Madrid and drive to the Pyrenees. All of the major car hire companies have offices at both airports and it takes around four hours to drive to us (slightly longer from Madrid).
Both cities are fantastic places to spend a few days before or after hiking in the Pyrenees.

Zaragoza rail links

Zaragoza has excellent rail connections with both Madrid and Barcelona on the AVE high speed train. Travelling at over 200 km/h the journey takes only 1 ½ hours from either Barcelona-Sants or Madrid Puerta de Atocha stations with a return ticket costing around 90 euros. There are trains roughly every hour and they are very comfortable.
For more information and train times give us a call or visit – click on ‘welcome’ for the English version of the site.
Read more about getting to us by public transport.

Renting a car

If you’re coming on a self guided holiday then there are a number of airports that are within driving distance.
Zaragoza is the nearest airport although there are only flights from London Stansted and a few other European locations. For information on car hire read our renting a car in Zaragoza page.
Barcelona is the airport most commonly used as there are flights from many UK airports as well as lots of international flights from the USA, Canada and the rest of the world. Barcelona is about a four hour drive from us. All of the major hire car companies have offices at the airport. If you want to rent a car, just drop us an email and we’ll send you a qoute.
If you’re flying into Barcelona it’s just as quick and cheaper to rent a car directly from Barcelona airport rather than go to Zaragoza first – it’s around a 4 hour drive but this works out quicker by the time you factor in time for the train journey and getting between the airport and the train station. In addition you don’t have to worry about matching up your train departure with your flight arrival time.
Principal airports and driving times are:
Barcelona – 4 hours                     Madrid – 4 ½ hours
Toulouse – 4 hours                      Zaragoza – 2 hours
Bilbao – 4 hours                          Pau – 2 hours
Lourdes (Tarbes) – 2½ hours        Pamplona – 2 hours

Bus connections

The bus network in Spain is excellent and tickets are cheap. The nearest bus station is Sabiñanigo and from there you can catch a cab to Biescas or Panticosa. If you’re coming from Barcelona or Zaragoza change at Huesca. If you’re coming from the west (Pamplona or Bilbao) change at Jaca. View routes and timetables at


Brittany Ferries have three routes from the UK to Spain: Portsmouth-Bilbao, Portsmouth-Santander and  Plymouth-Santander.  The ferries are a great way to travel and have private cabins, restaurants, bars and viewing decks. All of the routes allow you to take your own car and crossings take around 24 hours.
The drive to Hike Pyrenees from Bilbao takes four hours and four and a half hours from Santander. Visit for timetables and prices.

Driving through France

Driving  through France is an option. Allow about 15 hours driving from the northern ports. Taking the ferry one way and then meandering back through France over a few days is an excellent option.

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