Mountain-Biking-Pyrenees-Extreme Routes

Mountain biking: Extremely difficult routes

The following routes are suitable for experimented bikers that will be able to adapt their equipment and preparation according to the style of the chosen route. You will find here full day mountain-bike adventure routes but also extreme downhill with high adrenalin release.

Route 4: Pacino Peak loop

R4 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

A very beautiful high-mountain route characterized by a rough and difficult terrain both on the uphill and downhill parts.

Route 5: El Verde

R5 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

Excellent option for those looking for proper mountain atmosphere and full day mountain-bike adventure.

Bike 8: Sobremonte

R8 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

A route designed for experimented bikers, with great endurance and good downhill skills.

Route 11: Guarguera

R11 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

A very tough and long route that explores some of the most unknown places and landscapes of the Guarguera area, at the south of Valle de Tena.

Route 13: Yebra

R13 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

This route is characterized by a very steep and technical descent from Santa Orosia hermitage to Satué village.

Route 14: Oturia

R14 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

A very tough and long cross country route. The height gain is very important as the route goes up twice to Santa Orosia hermitage area by 2 different  steep 4X4 tracks.

Route 19: Sierra Plana

R19 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

The difficulty is mainly due to the high gradient of the route both on the way up and down. The descent is technical and tricky.

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