If abseiling down waterfalls, jumping off huge boulders into ice cold rock pools and throwing yourself into rapids with names like ‘the washing machine’ sounds like fun then canyoning is the sport for you!

Indeed, Canyoning involves putting on a wetsuit, harness and helmet and following a stream down a gorge jumping, sliding or abseiling down waterfalls as you get to them.


It’s superb fun and doesn’t require any technical expertise, as long as you practice it with a qualified guide! Indeed, thanks to his technical knowledge and his expertise of the stream you will be following, a canyoning guide  will be the one who teach you what to do and keep you safe throughout your journey.

A good quality canyoning guiding service should provide all technical equipment  – wetsuit, harness, helmet and caribiners. You’ll only need to bring a swimming costume, towel and footwear – sturdy trainers or boots that will give you good grip.


Canyoning is more of a summer activity, when water temperature is higher and the volume of the water is lower in the streams, making the activity easier and more enjoyable to practice.

There is many different places where you can practice canyoning in the Pyrenees. However Valle de Tena has got the advantage of offering many options for canyoning nearby, in a beautiful and preserved mountain environment, and ranging from easy and relatively short activity (3-4h) to more technical and demanding canyons with big jumps and rather impressive abseilings.

Below, a video from a friend of us, Gustavo. He is very keen on canyoning and have done great videos of some of the main canyons in the area. In this case, the D’Os Lucas canyon.

Please note video content music.

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