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Mountain biking: Medium difficulty routes

The following routes don’t require a specific previous mountain bike training, but they are adapted  for people with good physical endurance and that are used to cycling. Some of the routes have a relatively high height gain and over involve some technical difficulty due to the gradient of some ascents and descents, or because of rougher terrains. They will bring you to places with great nature and peaceful small villages.

Route 1: La Sarra

A route that has no big technical or physical difficulty, but that will make you get into a proper high mountain atmosphere and environment.

R1 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

R1 Mountain Bike Profile

Route 3 : La Partacua

R3 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

The itinerary is especially easy to follow and offer great views on surrounding mountains and lakes all along the way.

R3 Mountain Bike Profile

Route 12: Las Pilas bridge

R12 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

This itinerary crosses different small untouched villages not usually visited by tourists.

R12 Mountain Bike Profile

Route 16: Caldearenas

R16 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

A perfect option if you are keen on riding through a low mountain but totally preserved area.

R16- route profil

Route 17: Oliván

R17 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

A very nice ride starting for Biescas, suitable for a progressive introduction to mountain biking basic skills.

R17- Route profile

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