Mountain Biking Routes Pyrenees

Mountain biking: Easy routes

The following routes are fairly gentle with not too much uphill and without steep ascents or descents. They are mainly on 4×4 tracks and country lanes. There are plenty more easy routes to be found in the Serrablo – the flat valley south of Biescas and this is an excellent place for families to explore with dozens of 4×4 tracks winding their way through the fields and villages.

Route 20: Sallent-Lanuza

R20 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

A lovely easy cycle around the reservoir of Lanuza.

R20 Mountain Bike Profile

Route 21: The Oros loop

R21 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

Cycle through the Serrablo visiting the two villages of Oros Bajo and Oros Alto – another route perfect for families and easy to extend or shorten as required.

R21 Mountain Bike Profile

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