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Our Hike Pyrenees bloggers team is made of 7 people, all involved within Hike Pyrenees project as guides and/ or in others areas of the company.

Anna and Phil FamilyPhil and Anna

Anna and Phil James run Hike Pyrenees. They’re both outdoor lovers and have hiked around the world. They did a lot of hiking in Spain and fell in love with the culture, food and way of life.

Phil is a qualified International Mountain Leader and a member of the British Association of International Mountain Leaders. He has a passion for both the wildlife of the area as well as Spanish history and culture. He loves showing guests the medieval churches and pointing out the myriad of orchids that we have in the Pyrenees.

When not hiking or looking after the children Anna teaches English at a local school.

Hannah hiking guideHannah
Hannah has been a guide with Hike Pyrenees since 2010 and knows the Pyrenees inside out. Her passion for mountainous environments is deep rooted and she has a particular interest in Alpine flora.

Hannah holds the International Mountain Leader award along with the Winter and Summer Mountain Leader and Single Pitch climbing awards.



Ken hiking guideKen
Ken joined the Hike Pyrenees guides team in 2013, and brings with him a wealth of experience from years of climbing and trekking in mountainous environments across the globe.

Ken holds the Mountaineering Instructor Certificate, the UK’s highest instructional award and the International Mountain Leader. When not working in the Pyrenees, Ken works as a full time Mountaineering Instructor, which ranges from guiding on the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye to introducing people to winter mountaineering and guiding some of Britain’s finest ice climbs.

Together with Hannah, they run West Coast Mountain Guides.

She is mainly in charge of administrative and financial management for Hike Pyrenees, and she helps in all kinds of commercial and organizational aspect of the company. She also has as a wide knowledge about the fauna and flora of the area.

Her passion for nature and her agronomist university background make her a good observer and very knowledgeable about the local environment.


Delia is from Zaragoza and has lived in Sallent de Gállego since 2012; she is an accredited tourist guide who loves nature, history and art.

She guides different tours to the most important tourist sites of Tena valley over the course of these tours we discover life in the Pyrenees, popular legends, local traditions and gastronomy.


7 thoughts on “Meet our blog team”

  1. I just received the GR 11 Senda Pirenaica (recommended by Fabien) book from Amazon, UK (Revival Books Ltd). The book is in good condition but there were no maps. The cover clearly states “con 47 mapas de etapa.” Have I missed something obvious?

  2. Hi Boris,
    You’re right the book should come together with the maps. You should speak with Amazon about this, in order that you can get the maps.


  3. Hi Team,
    I’m planning to walk the Parzan – Arinsal section in late Aug & Sept, the Cicerone guide suggests walking east and I wonder if that’s what you would recommend?

    As most of the walking I’ve done has been in Nepal and Tibet, I usually carry cold weather clothing but it seems that wet weather clothing might be better?

    Thanks for your information,
    Perth Australia

  4. WE spent 3 days in the park for hiking. 3 routes had been chosen: Faja de las Flores – the most difficult, steep ascending, , Faja Racon – the most beautiful pass trough the forest with small open flowers areas under rocks and small waterfalls , Faja de Pelay – the easiest pass 22 km,A spectacular path on the southern cliffs of the valley.
    During my hiking on Faja de Flores in area over Fajta 2200m height just after climbing on difficult part, I lost action camera which unexpectedly drop off to the land on my break, if you know someone is going to trip to Ordesa and to that pass , I will describe exactly place where I sit and lost camera, if you manage to find I will appreciate if you send me SD memory card.

    Next day the weather was extremely terrible: heavy rain, thunderstorm and huge fog,I didn’t manage to climb again.
    Many thanks for reply.

  5. Hola!
    In summer 2017 we took two weeks and hiked from Sallent de Gallegos to Conangles. We stayed in refugios and small hotels, carried our own change of clothes, toiletries, etc., and booked our self-guided hike with the help of an agent in Spain who is no longer available.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our 2017 trip. We found the Pyrenees challenging with the most amazing and rewarding views and mountains, and now we would like to hike in summer 2020 from approximately Conangles to Puigcerda (border of Catalonia).

    We are looking for a company or agent to help us with advice and bookings and routes for this trip.

    Is this something your company can do?

    Thank you.

    Jane and Glenn Fisher

  6. Planning on doing GR11 starting early September, is booking hostels a prerequisite at this time, is their a central booking service, are all payments cash only. Thanks

  7. September isn’t such a busy time in the huts and for most you’ll probably be OK without reserving. There are a couple – Goriz in Ordesa, Angel-Orus and Renclusa in the Benasque area that are particularly busy (as they are the access points for the 3 highest peaks in the Pyrenees) and I would always recommend booking – if it’s a weekend Goriz is almost always fully booked. Have a great trip on the GR11,

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