Mountain biking: Difficult routes

The following routes require previous mountain-bike experience and proper mountain-bike equipment. They offer a wide range of options according to the mountain-bike styles you fancy more: cross country, enduro or downhill.

Route 2: Los Fondos

R2 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

This itinerary licks Sallent de Gallego to Panticosa. Not much difficult on the average, but there is some steep bits both on the ascent and descent.

Route 6: Los Asnos Lake

R6 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

The route includes a long and steep ascent, but without much technical difficulty. The way down has a very funny and more technical section.

Route 7: Yésero

R7 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

The route explores part of a Valle de Tena side valley, going up to the beautiful small Village of Yesero. On the way back to Biescas, you will have to deal with rather technical paths and tracks.

Route 9: Santa Elena

R9 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

Relatively short but quite tough route, suitable for those who are looking for a more enduro mountain bike style option.

Route 10: Lárrede

R10 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

Especially interesting for those who have little experience on cycling downhill on narrow paths but are keen to try it.

 Route 15: Isín

R15 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

This route is located in the Valle de Acumuer, an area next to Valle de Tena with many good options for mountain-biking, especially on good quality 4X4 tracks.

Route 18: Ibonciecho

R18 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

Amazing high-mountain route, that brings you at more than 2000 m and with astonishing views of the Valle de Tena.

Route 22: Las Magas

R22 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

A great route for those who are looking for steep and technical downhill mountain-biking.

Route 23: Gésera

R23 Mountain Biking Pyrenees

A fantastic route that combines technical cross country paths with one of the best mountain-bike descent of the whole area.






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