Two great snowshoeing holidays

It’s hard to believe with the current chaos in the world that only a few weeks ago we were out snowshoeing in the mountains and enjoying two great snowshoeing weeks!

We had every weather condition imaginable from artic blizzards and whiteouts, to beautiful sunshine and temperatures warm enough that we could snowshoe in t-shirts!

Pyrenees snowshoeing holiday

Heading up to the peak of Canal Roya

I’m pleased to say that despite some pretty challenging conditions in the first week we got out and did a good route every day. During the second week we had some wonderfully sunny days – we even started to complain that we were too hot!

Highlights had to be the ascent of Pico Canal Roya (2345m) and the snowshoe up to a beautiful frozen Ibon de Estanes.

Snowshoeing in the Pyrenees

A frozen Ibon Estanes

Snowshoeing Ibon Estanes

Ibon de Estanes

We were very short of snow in the Pyrenees in January and February but a couple of big snowfalls on the first couple of days of the trip meant we had plenty of snow after that.

Thanks for everyone that came and I hope that you all enjoyed yourself. Well done to the team from teh first week which put up with some artic conditions without ever complaining!

Wishing all the best to our friends, readers and guests in these difficult times for everyone. Keep safe and let’s hope that we’re back out hiking in the mountains again soon!


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