2020 Ordesa National Park shuttle bus dates and times

During high summer you can’t drive private vehices into the Ordesa National Park and you need to take the shuttle bus from Torla into teh Ordesa Valley to access the hikes. The dates for the shuttle bus into the Ordesa Canyon from Torla have been published for 2020.

The bus operates from the visitors centre in Torla (where there is a large car park), to the Pradera in Ordesa where the main hikes in the valley start. Private cars aren’t allowed into the valley during Easter, from the 27 June to the 13 September and from 10 to 12 October (2020 dates).

Since last year, there is also a shuttle bus that operates for the Añisclo Canyon that runs from the village of Buerba to San Urbez – they haven’t confirmed the dates for this yet but last year they ran on the same dates as the Ordesa bus.

The Ordesa shuttle bus runs fairly effeciently and departs every 20 mins. In August there can be quite long queues so we’s advice you to get there early – it’s better to hike in the cooler morning temperatures anyway.

2020 shuttle bus dates and times

27 June to 31 August:
First bus 6 am  – last bus into valley 7 pm – last bus back to Torla 10 pm

1 to 13 September:
First bus 6 am – last bus into valley 6 pm – last bus back to Torla 9 pm

10 to 12 October:
First bus 6 am – last bus into valley 6 pm – last bus back to Torla 8.30 pm

2020 Bus prices

Good news – the 2020 prices have remained the same as last summer.

Standard fare:  4.50 € return ticket  – 3 € single ticket
Older than 65 years*: 3,50 € return ticket – 2,50 € single ticket
Younger than 10 years*: free
Dogs: 2 € return ticket – 1 € single ticket

* it would be necesary to show the passport or a certifying documentation.

The service works pretty efficiently with buses every 20 minutes. Tickets can be bought at the small wooden hut outside the visitors centre and some hotels in Torla (such as Hotel Ordesa) also sell tickets at reception. Please note that although they do allow dogs, they have to be put in a dog carrier in the luggage area of the bus. In the park dogs have to be on leads.

Read more about hiking in the Ordesa National Park. If you’d like to visit the spectacular park then look at our guided and self guided holidays in Ordesa.

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