New Pyrenees wildflower and fauna guidebook in English

This superb Pyrenees nature and wildlife guide is now available to order from the Hike Pyrenees website – click here for details.

A superb new book on Pyrenees wildlife in English has been published and is a must for any nature lover visiting the Pyrenees. This is very welcome as Pyrenees specific books on flora or fauna in English were nearly impossible to come by before.

Wildlife of the Pyrenees guidebook

What’s even better is that this a fantastic guide with 910 species illustrated. What I really like is that the guide covers a bit of everything with sections on flora, birds, snakes, lizards, insects, mammals, fish, trees, mushrooms and butterflies. There are even a couple of pages on the main livestock species found here so you can now identify the cows, sheep and horses that you see while out hiking too! It really is a great all round guide.

The guide has a clear colour diagram for each species along with it’s English common name, scientific name, icons to describe its habitat and altitudes found and a paragraph of description. The diagrams are very clear and very representative of the subject – I often find drawings are better for identification than photos in guidebooks.

By covering lots of areas it avoids the need to bring or buy separate bird, butterfly, etc guides which is always good when just visiting an area and to keep weight down while on holiday – always a bonus!

Each section is pretty detailed and although not perhaps quite as comprehensive as a complete book on say birds or wildflowers I think most visitors will find the guide has more than enough detail.

As you would expect all of the Pyrenean specialities such as Corona del Rey and Oreja del Oso are covered as well as lots of Pyrenean endemics.

I highly recommend this new guidebook to any nature lover visiting the Pyrenees – it will really help you identify not just the magnificent birds of prey but also that beautiful little coloured shield bug or bush cricket that you come across too.

Details of the guide are as follows:
Title: Wildlife of the Pyrenees
Authors: David Guixé and Toni Llobet
Price: 15€
ISBN: 978-84-15885-53-5
The guide is also available in Spanish (and I think Catalan)

We have copies of the guide for guests to buy while they are on holiday with us and shortly will start selling the guide on our website if anybody would like to buy the guide to get sent via mail.

Pyrenees wildlife guidebook backcover

Back cover of the Pyrenees wildlife guidebook

All images are copyright of the publishers.

This superb Pyrenees nature and wildlife guide is now available to order from the Hike Pyrenees website – click here for details.

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