Viperine snake

More snakes in the Pyrenees

Rosie living on the French side of the Pyrenees near Canigou wrote to us recently with a snake identification question. She’d found one in her house and managed to get this picture!

Smooth snake found in Rosie's house!

Smooth snake found in Rosie’s house!

It’s a little bit difficult to identify it without seeing its head but we think it’s a Smooth snake or Southern smooth snake. You’ll be pleased to hear Rosie that it’s non-venomous!

They’re found in northern and central Europe and we see them fairly regularly here on the Spanish side  at about 1000 meters.

We also had a great sighting of a snake whilst out hiking recently. It was swimming in a local barranco which is popular in the height of summer as a lovely swimming hole!

Viperine snake

Viperine snake

It was a Viperine snake and it’s the first time we’ve seen one here. Although it has the word ‘viper’ in it’s name it is in fact not an actual viper and only mimics one in colouring. It also mimics the ‘attacking’ pose of a viper to deter predators. You’ll find them near or in water; streams, swimming holes etc. and they will only venture a short distance away from a water spot when in search of a new watery hangout.

It was a great sighting however although they’re not venomous I may choose to swim somewhere else next year!

We’ve written more about snakes here.



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