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Refugio Larry (24)

Snowshoeing to Refuge de Larry, Aspe Valley

This week we took advantage of the perfect weather in the Pyrenees to accomplish a project Phil had in mind for many years: an overnight snowshoeing trip in Aspe Valley, staying at the remote – but cosy! – Refuge de Larry, an unwardened mountain hut run by French Pyrenees National Park.

Gustavo, Phil and I headed out for two days and hiked in some valleys that were new to us and showed us the great variety of landscapes and environments of this hidden corner of the cordillera.

Last pass before the end of the first day trip

Evening light as we reach the Larry area

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Snowshoeing and ski touring at Portalet

Hannah (who many of our guests will have met guiding here over the past two summers) and her partner Ken have been over for New Years doing some snow shoeing and trying their hand at ski touring. Snow conditions aren’t great at the moment and we’ve not had a huge quantity of snow but they still have had some great days out.

Snowshoeing towards the Col des Arazures

The area around Portalet is always a good bet when the snow’s not so good and there are a whole load of peaks that you can do from there – it’s like a winter playground!

It was Ken’s first taste of ski touring and he’s caught the bug already! You can read more about Hannah and Ken’s adventures on their excellent Apple Mountaineering blog.

Snowshoeing at Portalet

Peak of Cuyaralet

At the peak of Cuyaralet with Pico Anayet in the background

The area around Col de Portalet is a winter playground with lots of excellent routes for snowshoeing, ski touring and for the younger ones some fantastic sledging! It’s quite high and well protected from the wind so it’s snow sure even in times when there’s not too much of the white stuff around.

Took Dave up to the peak of Cuyaralet (2286m) which is just into France – the route actually starts from the border post. The weather forescast wasn’t great making Cuyaralet a good choice of peak as it’s not a long day and nav back to the road is nice and easy in case of a white out!

Dave enjoying some powder on the way down

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Snowshoeing to Aguas Tuertas

Dolmen at Aguas Tuertas

The Dolmen at Aguas Tuertas

Last week went snowshoeing to an area called Aguas Tuertas (twisted waters) with the Sabiñanigo mountain club – a beautiful area that I’d not visited before. Lying between the valleys of Hecho and Canfranc it’s a large flat col that a stream meanders through giving the area it’s name.

Snowshoeing at Aguas Tuertas

Snowshoeing alongside the stream at Aguas Tuertas

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