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Views from Escuer Alto

Hike to the tower of Escuer Alto

Last weekend was again sunny here in the Pyrenees so I set out on another hike. My intention was to head to Aso de Sobremente which lies in a wonderful hanging valley, hidden above Biescas. You can do a big horseshoe route along the ridge and you have great views of the cliffs of La Partacua.

Hanging valley of Sobremonte

The hanging valley of Sobremonte and the ridge I was hoping to walk along

We hike here with groups from time to time and they’ve been doing some path re-routing/maintenance on the GR15 which passes through Yosa, so I wanted to check out if the route had changed much.

They’ve actually done a fantastic job at path clearance on the GR15 and re-signed and marked the route making it much clearer. Before the path was inpassable and we had to divert across fields for a few kilometres in a rather random manner before rejoining the path further up. Now you can hike on the GR15 directly from the village which is much better (and my groups won’t think I’m lost!).

Yosa de Sobremonte

The village of Yosa de Sobremonte

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Romanesque churches of the Serrablo

The region is famous for its Romanesque churches which date back to the 10-13th centuries with the tiny villages of the Serrablo having some of the best examples. I went for a bike ride yesterday through this flat glacial valley that lies south of Biescas passing through many of my favourite villages.

Romaesque curch in Oros Bajo

11th Century Santa Eulalia in Oros Bajo

It was a good afternoon for birds with with a pair of Lammergeier flying close overhead and they grabbed each others claws and tumbled through the air several times as if in courtship. The first Egyptian vulture of the year was spotted along with red and black kite, a pair of kestrels and a large group of about 20 griffon vultures circling very low obviously eyeing something up.

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