Crossing the Aneto Glacier with Aneto in the distance

Aneto 3404m – The heighest peak in the Pyrenees

At 3404m Aneto is the highest peak in the Pyrenees with Posets at 3371m and Monte Perdido 3355m being the second and third highest. Neither Phil or myself (Hannah) had climbed Aneto before so in July this year we both set a date for the adventure.

We had a great time hiking into Refugio Renclusa where we spent the night before then setting off at 4:30 in the morning (!!) for Aneto the following day. We reached Aneto summit at 9:20am and the views were amazing!

Phil and Hannah - Hike Pyrenees guides on the summit of Aneto

Hannah and Phil on the summit of Aneto

After leaving the summit it took us a further 4 hours to get back to our car. Although we only covered 13km, due to the technicality of the day, that 13km took us just over 10 hours!

We both felt immensely proud of our achievements and the greasy burger and chips we each had back in Benasque village tasted delicious after such a big day.

Refueling back in Benasque village before driving home

Refueling back in Benasque village before driving home

Since that adventure, we have now written a blog article where we share with you what equipment you’ll need, where to stay and hints and tips for success. Click on the link below if you’d like to read it.

Climbing Aneto;  A practical guide

Being my last season here at Hike Pyrenees I was really pleased to have reached the summit of Aneto, a mountain I have wanted to climb for some time.

Thanks Phil and here’s to the next adventure!

A view of the Sierra de la Partacua on day 2

Village to Village – a self guided adventure

One of our many holiday options here at Hike Pyrenees is to explore the Pyrenees at your own speed with one of our self guided holiday options. We introduced the first of these holidays to our itinerary back in 2012 – Village  to village self guided, which is in the Valle de Tena.

The Church of Santa Elena which you can visit as a 'side trip' on day 1s hike.

The Church of Santa Elena which you can visit as a ‘side trip’ on day 1s hike.

During these 6 days of hiking you get the chance to journey between small mountain villages discovering new places each day at a speed that suits you. What’s also great is that there is a harder and easier level of difficulty hike to chose from everyday so the itinerary is suitable for many abilities.

Being a self guided holiday, you can start this itinerary on a day that suits you, we can also shorten it slightly if you have less than a 6 day window in which you’d like to hike this route.

Looking across Ibon de Piedrafita; the final day's hiking option

Looking across Ibon de Piedrafita; the final day’s hiking option

When you arrive with us here in the Pyrenees you will be met by one of our qualified guides who will talk you through the itinerary, answer any questions and put your mind at ease. You will be given a set of detailed route cards and our own Hike Pyrenees village to village map. You’re luggage is transferred safely for you each day and you’ll hike with a day pack only – bliss!

Our village to village hiking map

Our village to village hiking map

7 years ago, we knew we had a designed a good holiday but waited to see what you all thought of it. I can say it has been a thorough success! Here are just a few guests thoughts on their village to village holiday…

Beautiful vistas and charming villages – each day was a new challenge with a fantastic reward. A true vacation and a great value – thank you!
Michele, Village to Village, September 2017.

A superbly organised holiday that enabled us to walk the most fantastic areas of the Pyrenees. Our walking holiday from booking, transfers, hotels, meals and walks were efficiently and professionally arranged.
Richard & Alex.

Well organized, absolute breathtaking scenery, professional logistics.

Walking Village to Village in Valle de Tena provided a great introduction to the Pyrenees as well as opportunities for enjoyable social interaction with our fellow walkers.
Ian & Anne.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with Hike Pyrenees. The hikes were gorgeous, the villages beautiful, hotels lovely, food delicious! Everything was well organised even better than we´d hoped for.
Ellen & Jack.

Pelopin peak

We welcome a new exciting hiking season in the Pyrenees

We´ve had some really intense months, preparing a new stirring hiking season. Now, after this first effort, we are already enjoying the beginning of the summer.

The snowy and rainy spring has led to an amazing landscape, full of colourful flowers, spectacular waterfalls and green slopes that make each of our hikes incredible.

The first groups of the season have already enjoyed their holydays in Ordesa National Park, Tena Valley and Matarraña.

We hope to keep on enjoying the rest of the summer as we have been doing so far.

Family skiing in the Pyrenees

A day skiing with the family

It’s great living near a ski resort and skiing is part of the lifestlye here. On Wednesday afternoons the kids have ski lessons with the school and last Sunday we ventured out to Panticosa for our first day’s skiing with the whole family – and to make things more challenging for us we took two of Isabel’s and Christophers friends with us too!

The kids on the gondola

The kids on the gondola

It was a fantastic sunny day – perfect for the kids. The school lessons are at Formigal but we headed to Panticosa as it’s a great resort for kids with quite a few beginner runs on travelators for the little ones and some easy blues and reds for Isabel and Iñigo.


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Snowshoeing in the Pyrenees

Snowshoeing from Cotefablo to Toronzué (2263m)

The great snow conditions continue in the Pyrenees and yesterday we got the snowshoes out. The weather didn’t look that great up the valley so we headed across to Cotefablo – the pass halfway between Biescas and Ordesa/Torla. It’s south of the high cliffs of the Sierra de Tendeñera so gets much better weather than just 10km north on the other side of the cliffs!

Many of our guests will know the spot as we sometimes head here in the summer to hike up to the summits of Pelopin or Erata. It’s nice and high at around 1500metres so there’s usually snow right from the off. Yesterday we headed in the other direction to the north to the peak of Toronzué (2263m).

The Hike Pyrenees team

The ‘A-Team’ – Gustavo, Brecas and David

Four of us headed out – David our guide who I’m sure spme of you will have hiked with, Gustavo and Brecas two friends from Biescas and Ruby our dog who had her first winter mountain day and had the most fun of us all!

Heading out from Cotefablo

Heading out from Cotefablo

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