2 thoughts on “Star of Bethlehem – Ornithogalum umbellatum”

  1. Hi,
    Are you quite certain that this is O. pyrenaicum? it looks more like O. umbellatum, which grows close to the ground, flowering in a loose corymbe where flowers are carried on stems several inches long. https://ornithogalum.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Ornithogalum-umbellatum-1.jpg
    It is a toxic plant, while O. pyrenaicum (known as ‘Bath asparagus’ or ‘aspergette’) is an edible, carried on tall thin stalks, with flowers grouped at the top on very short peduncles. http://bonnier.flora-electronica.com/menus/124-Liliacees/Ornithogalum%20pyrenaicum%205.html

    Your blog is lovely and full of fascinating information. I thought you’d like to make the correction to keep this page up to the high standard of the rest.

  2. Hi MC,
    Yes, I think you’re right and this is Ornithogalum umbellatum. Thanks for letting me know – we’re always trying to keep the pages as accurate as possible but misidentifications can always happen! I’ll get the page updated shortly.

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