The shortest hiking season ever!

Well, we started running hiking trips again in early July with the situation in Spain at the time improving greatly and travel within Europe starting up again. We had some brilliant hikes with our long-standing guests Anne and Danny here for a week’s private guiding in the Valle de Tena, a few couples on our Village to Village itinerary in the high Pyrenees and several families doing hiking and activities.

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I’m pleased to say they all had a wonderful time in the Pyrenees with plenty of high peaks conquered under blue skies and sunshine. The families enjoyed themselves kayaking, on the kilometre-long zipline, mountain biking and canyoning. Then sadly the coronavirus situation flared up again and, only three weeks after the first guests of the season arrived, travel restrictions were back in place and that was that for the season! Blink and you’d miss it – Hike Pyrenees shortest season ever! I have to say the new travel restrictions, whilst totally understandable and not wholly unexpected, did come as a bit of a blow. Things had started to look positive once again and it was brilliant to be out in the mountains, showing our guests this wonderful area. We had started getting new enquiries and bookings with, particularly from families, and then suddenly we were back to cancellations and postponements once again. Oh well, such is life at the moment in these uncertain and difficult times for everyone. I’ve been making the most of my summer, spending lots of time with the family – I’m usually rushed off my feet all summer so it makes a nice change to have the time to take the kids to the pool each afternoon. We’ve been renovating a barn for the last couple of years and I’ve spent lots of time working there and we’ve got a wonderful vegetable garden that the whole family helped plant out. I’d like to share a few photos of the trips we did manage to do this July. The hikes with Anne and Danny were spectacular. They are both as fit as fiddles and as they’ve both hiked in the area before, we did plenty of long routes to peaks that we don’t do very often. The week cumulated with a monster 24km, 1600 metre ascent of Pico de Catieras (2607m). See below for more photos and info on the routes we did during the week. Canyoning Canyoning is one of our most popular family activities and several of the families that visited this July did a canyoning trip. There’s a brilliant canyon for families in the valley called Gorgol – it’s a great mixture of jumps, abseils and slides down a beautifully carved out limestone gorge. We hadn’t done Gorgol as a whole family before so one day we headed there and did the canyon ourselves. At 6 years old it was Christopher’s first canyon and he absolutely loved it and insisted on doing all of the big jumps.

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