Pelopin peak

We welcome a new exciting hiking season in the Pyrenees

We´ve had some really intense months, preparing a new stirring hiking season. Now, after this first effort, we are already enjoying the beginning of the summer.

The snowy and rainy spring has led to an amazing landscape, full of colourful flowers, spectacular waterfalls and green slopes that make each of our hikes incredible.

The first groups of the season have already enjoyed their holydays in Ordesa National Park, Tena Valley and Matarraña.

We hope to keep on enjoying the rest of the summer as we have been doing so far.

2 thoughts on “We welcome a new exciting hiking season in the Pyrenees”

  1. Do you know if your bore through the centre of the Earth from Spain and out the other side you end up down under in New Zealand. So when it comes to making bookings on the internet for hiking in the Pyrenees you are never sure what you are going to get. Pleased to say at the end of our first days walk & now in Panticosa everything has worked out well, from our being met in Zaragoza by the driver then meeting up for our briefing at the first hotel, to the clear track instructions, everything has been great. Looking forward to taking the Gondola at Panticosa tomorrow.

  2. Hi Grant,
    Glad you’re enjoying your holiday so far – you’ve got some great days of hiking ahead. See you in Biescas at the end of the week,

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