Family skiing in the Pyrenees

A day skiing with the family

It’s great living near a ski resort and skiing is part of the lifestlye here. On Wednesday afternoons the kids have ski lessons with the school and last Sunday we ventured out to Panticosa for our first day’s skiing with the whole family – and to make things more challenging for us we took two of Isabel’s and Christophers friends with us too!

The kids on the gondola

The kids on the gondola

It was a fantastic sunny day – perfect for the kids. The school lessons are at Formigal but we headed to Panticosa as it’s a great resort for kids with quite a few beginner runs on travelators for the little ones and some easy blues and reds for Isabel and Iñigo.


Christopher was only 4 a few weeks ago and his ski’s looked so little!

Pyrenees family skiing

The youngest ski class at Formigal

Since my last post on snow conditions we’ve had a real mixed bag of weather here in the Pyrenees with some really hot days mixed with some very cold weather. Unfortunately some heavy rain has removed a lot of the snow lower down and then it has refrozen causing some quite icy conditions. Higher up there is still LOTS of snow here!

The kids all got on great and when they fall they just bounce! Christopher kept going all day and complained when the lifts finally shut. Isabel and Iñigo did several red runs and zoomed down them. My legs ached liked anything afterwards – I’ve never done so much snow plough before!

A great day was had by all – we were planning to head back to the slopes this weekend but the weather has turned really cold and windy so we’ll wait another week.

Christopher on the 'cinta' or travelator

Christopher on the ‘cinta’ or travelator

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