Snowshoeing in Candanchu

Snowshoeing in Candanchu

What are you thinking about doing this weekend?

I wondered the same question last week and I decided to go snowshoeing. On the border with France, at the head of the Valle de Canfranc there are some fantastic snowshoeing routes.

Fresh tracks in the snow

Making fresh tracks in the snow – fantastic!

I decided to go to “El Bosque de las Hayas” or Beech Forest; between Candanchu and France. You can park at the ski resort and head out from there.
The weather was superb!! We had a really sunny day and the temperature didn´t get lower than -1.

Teresa snowshoeingMoreover, the snow was perfect for snowshoeing with lots of soft powder!!! The snowshoes help a lot in deep snow – much easier than walking with your hiking boots through the snow.

Snowshoeing Candanchu

During the excursion, I not only had the opportunity of enjoying of really nice views, but also could walk through the forest.

At the beginning of the itinerary, it is the cross-country skiing track and you have to take care of don´t break the trail – otherwise all of the cross country skiers fall over!

I think it’s an ideal excursion for snowshoes with great views – if you are in the area give it a try!


6 thoughts on “Snowshoeing in Candanchu”

  1. Teresa, thanks so much for your interesting post.
    Probably, the following week I Will go to those wonderful places.

    See you soon

  2. That looks amazing! Beautiful pics and beautiful place. I would love go there one day…thank you so much to show us this interesting activity. Thank you! :)

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