San Juan de la Peña Monastery

The Pyrenees have a lot to offer to visitors, not only from a nature and outdoor perspective but also from an historical and cultural heritage point of view. Moreover there is some places in the area that combines on a very special way natural and cultural heritage, and that give to the visitor the opportunity to live the experience of the past in a beautiful and peaceful natural surrounding.

This is the case of San Juan de la Peña, an ancient monastery built at the bottom of a cliff and using the natural elements as part of the structure of the building.

It is hard to imagine how monks could get use to live in such a place, very pleasant in summertime but with a lot of humidity and no sun light what so ever to warm up the austere building during wintertime.

The beautiful wel preserved of San Juan de la Peña Monastery

The beautiful well preserved cloister of the Monastery

The Monastery is located in a beautiful protected area that combines forest, meadows and great view points on to the near mountains. The area is very well maintained and is possible to explore through pleasant hiking paths and trails. We often visit San Juan de la Peña on our Lakes & Valleys and Valle de Tena Explorer holidays, combining a visit to the monastery with a hike.

We’ve written a more detailed article about San Juan de la Peña with the history of the monastery and the legends that surround it.

Read the full San Juan de la Peña article.

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