Mountain biking in the Valle de Tena

Mountain biking is really popular in the Pyrenees and like all mountain ranges over the last twenty years mountain biking has become one of the most popular outdoor activities.


Phil cycling on one of the Valle de Tena mountain biking trail.

Valle de Tena, as well as being a great base for hiking is also a major mountain biking trail centre of the Spanish Pyrenees. A system of signed bike trails has been created with in the area with trails of different difficulty levels, suitable for a large range of mountain biking enthusiasts: from beginners and families to the most expert of riders. We developed a new cycling section on our blog that gives a detail information about these mountain biking routes.

But don’t hesitate to ask us more about mountain biking activity in the area. In particular if you can’t bring your own bike and/ or you need  some help to organize your cycling days here: we can help you in finding the best bike rentals and other mountain biking related services providers.

Visit the mountain biking section of the blog.

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