Tapas Competition in the Valle de Tena

Tapas CompetitionThis weekend and last weekend there’s been a tapas competition running along the length of the Valle de Tena. These are increasingly popular in the area and great fun as they involve plenty of eating and drinking!

Nearly every bar has two speciality tapas entered into the competition. The price for a tapa and a glass of wine is 2.60 euros which isn’t bad at all. You visit as many bars as you want and try as many tapas as you want.

Freshwater crayfish and pigs trotter in salsa - the tapas at Hotel Tierra de Biescas

Freshwater crayfish and pigs trotter in salsa – the tapas at Hotel Tierra de Biescas

There are two prizes – the official judged winner as well as the ‘popular prize’. For the popular prize theres voting forms in all of the bars and everybody votes for their favourite tapas. This year they’re getting high tech and there’s a mobile app that you can vote on too!


Tuna meatballs in Zarzinara in Biescas

The standard of the tapas is really good with beautiful presentation and you get to try things that aren’t normally on the menu (in the case of the pigs trotters that’s no bad thing!)

Boquerones at Hotel El Privilegio

Boquerones at Hotel El Privilegio

The biggest and most popular tapas competition is in the autumn in Jaca – there are about 70 bars involved now. Mariano at Hotel Almud (where some of our holidays are based) is one of the judges and had to taste over 100 tapas on judging day!

If you’re in the area skiing this weekend take the time to visit a few bars and tuck in!

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