Private group walking holiday in the Pyrenees

Enjoying the views from Punta Del Pacino

This weekend saw the end of a fantastic bespoke trip for Elaine and friends from California and Hawaii. We often get groups who are keen for  longer trips with us and for Elaine we put together a 10 day itinerary which took in 3 contrasting places in the Pyrenees; the Valle de Tena, Bestue to the west of Ordesa and Torla situated at the mouth of the Ordesa Canyon we also included a night in a refugio high in the mountains.

Starting in the Valle de Tena we first hiked up Punta Del Pacino 1965m which had great views in all directions whilst the ground was carpeted with wild flowers. Next we walked into the valley of La Ripera and under the impressive cliffs of the Sierra de Tendenera.

Cloudless skies whilst hiking along the La Ripera valley

Refugio Respomuso situated in the scenic Circo de Piedrafita

Next came our refugio trip. We set off from La Sarra and followed the GR11 arriving at Refugio Respomuso, our home for the night. with snowy views, great company and some good beer and wine available to all, the evening flew by in a cloud of laughter! The following day saw the team split, with one group heading off towards Collado de la Fecha on the French /Spanish border equipped with axe and crampons and the other half heading back down to the valley to rest their tired legs.With resting being a priority for the next day, we moved on to our second location; the remote and scenic village of Bestue situated high in the Ordesa National park. Here we hiked to the peak of Sestrales Alto 2101m which has breathtaking views down into the Anisclo Canyon and were also fortunate enough to see a Pyrenean chamois (the smaller relative of the Alpine chamois) and her young perched on the rocky cliff below us, perfect!

Breathtaking views into the Anisclo canyon as well as many wild flowers to photograph

Watching chamois from the top of Sestrales Alto

The majestic Lammergeier

We also hiked along the Gargantas de Escuain where there is a successful Lammergeier feeding station which has helped boost their population and there are now about 80 nesting pairs in the province of Aragon. We got some great shots of the impressive birds as they flew above us showing off their agility on the thermals.

Looking back at the northern side of the Ordesa canyon

For the final part we moved on to our 3rd location; Torla. Here the group explored the Ordesa Canyon with its impressive walls, water falls and bio diversity making it to the end of the canyon and the Cascada Cola de Caballo and back. As well as taking their final hike of their trip up into the valley of Ordiso which was  a flower sensory overload including many Blue Iris bursting into bloom.

Admiring Valle de Ordiso.

Thanks Elaine and the group for coming and hope you had a great time in the Pyrenees – hope to see you in the Pyrenees again in the future.

2 thoughts on “Private group walking holiday in the Pyrenees”

  1. As one of the “bespoke” I want to say thank you to Phil, Hannah, and Ken for an absolutely wonderful experience. I could not have asked for a better combination of beautiful scenery, knowledgeable staff, and great lodging. It was the best!

  2. Thank you Phil, Hannah, Ken and Arkaitz for a fantastic trip! Everything was perfect. Great lodgings and food, outstanding itinerary, wonderful staff. We hope we get to come back soon. Mary and Jim

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