Hiking to Pelopin (2007m)

The peak of Pelopin can be reached from the Cotefablo pass which is half way between Biescas and Torla. The pass is over 1400m so it makes a great place to quickly get up into the mountains from.

Friday afternoon I was suffering from cabin fever after a week of bad weather so I called Rafa and we headed up to Pelopin – the clouds were low and it was windy but it was good to get out and blow the cobwebs away.

Rafa crossing a small patch of snow

There’s been a lot of snow since Easter and there’s probably more snow in the high mountains than at any time this winter – it’s falling on warm ground though and I expect it to melt pretty quickly once the sun comes out again. We had a few small patches of snow to cross but nothing much.

Looking towards Ordesa

Looking towards Ordesa

From the summit you get superb views of the cliffs of Ordesa. It was a bit cloudy and dull for great views today and Monte Perdido and the 3000m peaks on the border were all completely covered.

If we’d had a bit more time we’d have walked round this nice broad ridge which continues for several kilometres.

Dolmen at Santa Elena

Earlier in the day Anna headed up to Santa Elena with the girls – here they are at the dolmen which dates back to 2000BC (although had to be reconstructed after they used it as a machine gun point in the civil war!). Read more about the dolmen.

Hoping for some sunshine next week so we can get out a bit more!

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