Walking in the Ordesa Valley

Views into the Ordesa Valley

Walking on the rim of the Ordesa Valley

The Ordesa National Park is the oldest protected area in Spain and an undisputed highlight of the Pyrenees. The walking in Ordesa is superb with the parks dramatic canyons and three thousand metre peaks giving spectacular views.

Walking on the Faja Racon

Walking on the Faja Racon

The Ordesa Valley is the most famous of the canyons with cliffs rising over eight hundred metres on each side and Monte Perdido perched majestically at the valleys end. This valley offers walkers the most variety with a choice of routes ranging from gentle rambles to very scary cliff edge routes. Read our full article on walking in Ordesa.

Monte Perdido at the head of the Ordesa Valley

Monte Perdido at the head of the Ordesa Valley

Ordesa is a limestone area and softer limestone layers have been eroded quicker creating ledges high in the cliffs. Some of these are walkable and these paths (called ‘Fajas’) are some of the most dramatic in Europe with the Faja de las Flores being particularly airy and spectacular.

The Faja de las Flores

The incredible Faja de las Flores

There are four main paths in the valley – the valley floor, the Faja Racon, Faja de Pelay and the famous Faja de las Flores. All have differing levels of difficulty and there are hikes for all levels of fitnesses and ability in the valley. One of the things I like is the mix of walkers setting out from Torla – there’ll be families with kids and grannies alongside hardcore climbers with a ton of gear and groups with ice-axes and crampons heading up to Refugio Goriz.

Walks of all levels

There are walks for all ages in Ordesa - my daughter Isabel's first trip to the valley

To read more about Ordesa and details of the routes see our walking in Ordesa article.

Our Discover Ordesa guided walking holiday is the perfect way to explore the park with a choice two guided walks offered each day. We also offer self guided walking holidays in Ordesa.

4 thoughts on “Walking in the Ordesa Valley”

  1. Thanks for your email. Brought back wonderful memories of our trek 3 years ago through the Ordessa Valley via the Faja de las Flores.
    Thx. Ian

  2. A fabulous holiday discovering Ordesa. Stunning views with everyday being different. Nice hotel and pool. Cant wait to go back with “Hike Pyrenees”.

  3. Hi Jackie,
    Glad you had a great time in Ordesa – it’s a fabulous spot.
    It was great to see you back in the Pyrenees and to see Indi too.
    Hope to see you both out hiking in the Pyrenees again in the future,

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