A Christmas Nativity or Belen

In Spain nativity scenes (or Beléns) are really popular and many families have a natitivity rather than a Christmas tree in their homes. We visited an incredible belen in a house in the nearby village of Sardas. The scale was incredible – 20 feet long with several hundred figures and even a running stream!

A Nativity or Belen

The full Belén or nativity

Lot’s of the bible stories were represented with Herod’s palace and the 3 kings all shown as well as everyday scenes such as breadmakers. It takes the around two weeks to set the Belén up each year. It’s also common to put Beléns on significant peaks – our mountain club put a lit Belén on the peak of Santa Orosia each year.

The coming of the three kings

The arrival of the three kings

The house also had a fantastic collection of antique clocks which made a wonderful sound as you were viewing the nativity although I’m not sure how I’d like them in my house year round!

One thought on “A Christmas Nativity or Belen”

  1. Did you guys have a Belen in your house then?

    I don’t get what’s so dang appealing about them myself. Luckily, living in Extremadura and leaving for the UK on Dec.9, I didn’t catch too many of them. I’m back soon though. Wonder if they’ll still be there?

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