Tour de France 2012

Tour de France

Watching the Tour de France last summer

The Tour de France schedule has been released for 2012 and once again it’s passing close by us. Our Peaks & Passes walking holiday on the 15-22 July will be a Tour de France special and on the rest day we’ll go and see the race which is a fantastic event. This year the stage is just 4 days from the end of the race and the penultimate mountain stage so we’ll really be at the business end of the race and everything will be up for grabs.

Last summer we had a great day watching the Tour at a fantastic spot just outside Laruns. We made a day out of it taking a picnic, sampling some beautiful French cheese and relaxed waiting for the riders to come past.

The caravan passing by before the riders

Before the riders come past it’s the craziness of the caravan when we all become kids again and collect the Tour de France key rings, souvenir sweets and other tat that get’s thrown out by the passing vehicles!

The peleton approaching

Watching the peleton go past is quite incredible. So many riders packed so closely together you can’t believe they don’t crash at every corner. It’s a fantastic event, a great day out and a must for any cycling fan – why not come along and see the Tour with us next summer!

You can view the full Tour de France 2012 schedule here.

2 thoughts on “Tour de France 2012”

  1. Thanks for the message and photos.Our mobile home is based just outside of Laruns, and on a dull, damp and dark November afternoon you brought a little bit of Pyrenees magic to the UK and cheered us up!! Look forward to meeting up with you in the future. Best wishes, Ian.

  2. It’s a lovely spot Laruns. We were there last weekend for the Saturday morning market – can’t resist the French cheese!
    Had a fantastic lunch at Cafe Pamplona on the square – beautiful braised beef. Quite a bit of snow on the tops of the mountains now too.

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