Waterfalls in Ordesa

The Cascada del Estrecho in the Ordesa Valley

The waterfalls in Ordesa are in full flow at the moment with the warm early summer weather melting the snow from the peaks above. You pass a series of fantastic waterfalls as you walk along the valley floor with my favourites being the Casacada del Estrecho and the Grados de Soasa.

The woods are also very pretty at the moment with the bright green new leaves of the birch trees contrasting with the darker green needles of the evergreen pines and silver fir.

Cliffs of Ordesa

The cliffs of Ordesa with beech and pine woods below

Today was just a short stroll in the valley with friends and we  followed thepath along the valley floor alongside the Rio Arazas. The water is always beautifully clear. You can find stone fly larvae in many of the rockpools which is a sure sign of clean, pure water.

Looking down the valley along the Rio Azaras to the peak of Peña Otal

It was our daughter Isabels first trip to Ordesa – at 6 months old I think she was the youngest hiker in the valley that day!

Isabel taking the easy option

The Grados de Soasa

One thought on “Waterfalls in Ordesa”

  1. More fantastic photos which cheered me up after a day working in gardens soaked by heavy drizzle. Counting down the days to our next trip to the Pyrenees ! Not into wild swimming Phil?

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